"As I Walk Through The Valley" unfolds over four decades of music in the southernmost tip of Texas: The Rio Grande Valley. An often overlooked river-delta which recently finds itself as a central talking-point in the national conversation about the border. AIWTTV examines the histories and stories of musicians playing in the underground scenes throughout the decades told by the people who lived it.

Production Notes

Directors Charlie Vela & Ronnie Garza are first-time feature filmmakers. They both grew up in the RGV punk scene of the late-90’s/early-00’s and were informed by its strong sense of community and fiercely DIY ethic.

In 2014, they decided to take on the challenge of documenting the history of the scene that helped shape them as artists as it was clear that there was little outside interest in doing so. Without formal training, a crew, or funding they began production, learning along the way, and in 2017 As I Walk Through The Valley will be premiering at SXSW International Film Festival.

It is our hope to amplify stories and narratives about the region that highlight the beauty, creativity, and ingenuity of the people who live in the RGV and foster a shared sense of history. Which in a time when cultures are denigrated and maligned, can be a rebellious and revolutionary act.

Ronnie Garza (left)                                            Charlie Vela (right)

Ronnie Garza (left)                                            Charlie Vela (right)


Director Bios

Charlie has spent the last 15 years as a record producer, musician, and studio owner in the RGV documenting local music and performing.

Ronnie is an experimental musician (Winter Texan) and democracy activist, and working in video-journalism related to activism in Austin and The RGV.



Camera Operators

Joseph Trevino

Eric Vasquez

Jason Stoll


Drone Operator

Jeff Antons



Carlos Ochoa


Digital Archiving

Matt Michel


Logo Design

David Salinas